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NABJ#14 Convention in Boston


The following is a letter to NABJ members from NABJ president Bob Butler on the success of NABJ#14 Convention in Boston, Massachusetts:

Hello, NABJ!

We have just completed a successful convention Boston. More than 2100 people took part in the training, mentoring, recruiting and networking that are synonymous with the annual NABJ family reunion.

I am here to talk about a paradigm shift in how we move NABJ forward and how we operate as an organization.

As you may know, our constitution was written in 1975. Last year members ordered the board to seat a commission to amend the constitution. This is no easy task because you need a two-thirds vote for approval. I am happy to report 80 percent of the ballots cast voted to move NABJ forward. Thank you!!!

The work the commissioners did was truly outstanding. They have now been discharged but I’d like to keep them in the reserves. Continue reading NABJ#14 Convention in Boston